Welcome to Splash Hazard!

Splash Hazard is our first title on our proprietary engine, Hatchling Engine, and is currently still in development along with the engine.

The Game:
Splash Hazard is a speedboat racing game, where you can race through the canals of cities like Amsterdam and Venice. The levels in the game will be precisely modeled after the real thing and will feature the landmarks of these cities.
During races, both you and your opponents can use all sorts of wacky weaponry to spice things up. This will include rockets, mines, speed boosts and other special abilities.
You can also challenge your friends to race either over LAN or the internet.

Tourist Mode:
Besides racing in single- and multiplayer, you can also enjoy the virtual cities in a free-roam mode, where extensive information about the city and the landmarks will be given.


Splash Hazard Splash Hazard Splash Hazard Splash Hazard

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