Welcome to the website of Evil Turtle Productions.

We're a small software development group in the Netherlands, making audio-plugins, synthesizers and games.

You can buy/download audio-plugins in the store.
For our games follow us on Steam.

We hope these programs and plugins will fuel your creativity and projects,

Greetings from Jeroen and Rachel.


We have recently partnered up with Steam and are preparing to release our first indie game titled "Disinfection" on that platform.
Follow us on our Steam page for updates.

New plugin released: Harmonique. It's an "RSF" additive synthesizer, using the same technique I developed for RezzoEQ.
Instead of being a filter however it actually generates harmonic sounds, great for bells, kicks and pads.

Head on over to the store to check it out.

Current projects:

Steam Factory Disinfection Yinglet Avatar Hatchling Engine VST Plugins Electronics Projects

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