The ETP Yinglet Avatar

Yinglets have officially made their way into Second Life!

The characteristic species from the popular Out-of-Placers webcomic has been brought to life by Evil Turtle Productions with utmost respect for their original comic design, and with kind permission by Valsalia.

The full mesh avatar is designed for ease of modding, which means that it comes with a simple UV map for easy reskinning, and parts that can be re-coloured from the edit menu (eyes, eye-lids, and fluffy bits). To top things off: this yinglet has been designed to have a low complexity to ensure a smooth low lag experience.

The avatar can be bought from MarketPlace or from our inworld store.

Development Kits

There's one devkit available at the moment, for making custom skins: Download Devkit

This ZIP includes a Blender file and a PhotoShop file with UV maps and names. This way you can either paint in Blender of PhotoShop, or export to your program of choice.
Both the male and female meshes with standard heads are in the Blender file. These have color-coded UV maps (using materials) wich correspond to the colors in the PhotoShop file. This should make cross referencing much easier. Feel free to let me know if things could be improved!

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