Updating these pages, so they are very subject to change!
I really want to add my various other projects, be it future present or past ones so expect loads of stuff being added here :)

Some projects are currently on hold, as I want to focus on the audio plugins first and foremost. Most of these projects have pages but are currently not linked here as it may take a while before I get around to continuing them.

Programming Projects:

Hatchling Engine The Hatchling Engine is a 3D engine for games and real-time applications running on Windows. It is something I've been working on for a while now and though progress is slow (it's an entire game engine I'm making -on my own-) I will finish it someday.

A full blown game engine with an custom rendering and physics engine. No extra libraries were used for this project on purpose. This is my third engine project and I wanted to go all out :)

Hatchling features an entirely custom physics engine, called Buoyant, that focuses on fluid to solid body interaction and deformable bodies. This also features a fully dynamic water plane for open-world scenarios (64x64KM size limit at the moment).

Hatchling Engine Audio Plugins made for artists, audio engineers and producers.

I am both a musician and use plugins a lot, so figured why not make my own! The plugins are all developed using native C++ and are generally available for both Windows as MacOS.

And of course they are all pay-what-you-want!

Experiments Random Experiments I did for educational purposes or fun.

All the various programming experiments and random things I've done. Most of these have the source code available if you want to experiment yourself.

Electronics Projects:

FM Drone Synth Analog FM Drone Synthesizer

A 2-voice with 3-operator per voice, fully analog, FM synthesizer. Using the 40106 hex inverter!

Is great for wide noisy drones, industrial stuff and hard kicks.

Drum Machine Drumique: analog drum machine

Four fully analog drum sounds of my own design and flavour. Has a digital Arduino-powered 16-step sequencer and MIDI.

Blue Clone Blue Clone: Boss DR-55 clone and bass synth

Analog drum machine and bass synthesizer in a pretty package.

Digital Synthesizer Dradique V1.0: Raspberry Pi powered digital synthesizer

A digital "host" synthesizer that currently runs 4 different synthesizers.

COMING SOON, this is still being designed and build ;)

Analog Synthesizer Dradique V2.0: Digitally controlled analog synthesizer

Combines the power of digital control with sweet analog sounds, much like the Roland Juno.

FM hybrid synthesizer SQK-1: Digital analog hybrid FM synthesizer using an Arduino

Digital 2-operator FM synthesizer, running on an Arduino, with all sorts of neat features. Also has an analog filter, envelope and distortion.

Yamaha PS3 Yamaha PS3: circuit bend and expansion box

Added combined rhythms, FM modulated clock, cutoff and resonance controls, envelope controls and waveform controls with an extra input to run other sounds through the synth.

Green Grinder Green Grinder: Peavey-inspired distortion

Distortion unit I mainly use for my live rig, heavily based on the Peavey TransTube circuitry.

COMING SOON, need make this page still!

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