Symphonique 1

Now this was quite a fun project with a surprisingly good result, if I may boast a little :)

This is a fully analog DIY strings synthesizer, using 16 sawtooth oscillators, 2 low pass filters and 2 analog choruses.

I will add more info soon. For now you can find a schematic below.


This is a basic 2-voice schematic of the string synth, excluding the chorus.
The chorus comes after the VCF and before the VCA, but is optional.

The chorus is made with a fairly standard PT2399 circuit called "the Little Angel".
I did change some values to my own taste, but alas I haven't written down anything, so I'll have to reverse engineer some things.
That being said: I encourage you to experiment with the LFO speeds as this changes the effect quite a bit.

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