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8x8 modulation synthesizer.


Available plugin formats:
VST2 32-bit.

16Synth is a modulation-based synthesizer in which each oscillator can modulate the other.
For additional dynamics each oscillator has an LFO that can modulate the oscillator frequency. These LFO's can be set to synchronize to the DAW project tempo to create rhythmically morphing sounds and effects.

16synth is part of the 'Experimental' series.

The Experimental series:
The 'Experimental' series involve plugins that are the result of experimentations that formed the basis for our paid plugins and can be downloaded for free in our store.

- Create complex sounds by letting oscillators and LFO's modulate eachother.
- Tempo-synced LFO's for rhythmically changing sounds.
- Simple Low Pass and High Pass filters.
- Built-in delay effect.


System Requirements:
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
- Pentium III 800MHz or better
- 256MB RAM or more
- Any VST2 compatible host application (DAW)


Version 1.1 is released, click the 'Download' button above to check it out.

Added patch storage and a couple of presets to get you started.
ADSR functionality has been added to the second row of oscillators, allowing for more dynamics.
Removed some obsolete code and modules.

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