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4-channel drum computer with tempo ratio's.


Available plugin formats:
VST2 32-bit.

PolyDrums was one of our first attempts at making a drum computer using our tempo ratio's system. Instead of using pre-defined note lengths to create a time signature the plugin uses tempo ratios between the different channels. The base tempo used is your DAW project tempo. In contrary to our 'Crazy' series plugins, PolyDrums is not a MIDI controller but has it's own build-in sounds.

PolyDrums is part of the 'Experimental' series.

The Experimental series:
The 'Experimental' series involve plugins that are the result of experimentations that formed the basis for our paid plugins and can be downloaded for free in our store.
- Unique tool for making rhythms
- Internally generated sounds, for that retro "Roland"-ish vibe.

Nothing here yet, in the near future you can find demonstrations and instructional videos here.
System Requirements:
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
- Pentium III 800MHz or better
- 256MB RAM or more
- Any VST2 compatible host application (DAW)


Version 1.1 is released, click the 'Download' button above to check it out.
Removed the old buggy samplers and replaced them by internally generated sounds.
Added patches that can now be stored.

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