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Versatile digital FM synth with a massive sound, analog filter and effects.


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Available plugin formats:
Windows: VST2 32-bit/64-bit, VST3 32-bit/64-bit, Application 32-bit/64-bit.
MacOS 10.8 and higher: AU 32-bit/64-bit, VST2 32-bit/64-bit, Application 32-bit/64-bit.

The SKQ-01 is a more extreme take on FM synthesis, offering 9 different waveforms as well as PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) and allows you to create anything from trippy FM pads to the most noisy and loud bass lines.

Besides the FM synthesis mode the synth can also be switched to a normal synthesis mode so that the two oscillators can be layered, for a nice full sound which lends itself for things such as massive pads.

There are two oscillators/operators giving 16 note polyphony. Each of these has it's own waveform, detuning and ADSR envelope.
The second oscillator/operator has PWM which can be used both in FM as normal synthesis modes.
The synth also features an analog emulation of a low-pass VCF with plenty of resonance available, which can be controlled with a separate AR envelope as well as an LFO.

For further shaping of the sound there is a distortion, stereo chorus and reverb effect build in. For extra dynamics in your playing Portamento and Pitch Bend can be used.

Patches can be saved and loaded from within the plugin.
- Both FM as normal synthesis modes,
- 9 different waveforms,
- Full ADSR envelope per oscillator/operator,
- PWM on oscillator/operator 2 which can be used in both synthesis modes,
- Portamento and pitch bend,
- Emulation of an custom design hardware analog low-pass filter,
- Distortion, stereo chorus and reverb effects,
- Storage and loading of patches.


Demonstration video of version 1.1.3:


Example SynthWave song of version 1.1.3, all sounds are raw recordings of the SQK-01, no editing or FX is used:

System Requirements:
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
- MacOS 10.8 or higher
- Pentium III 1000MHz or better
- 256MB RAM or more
- Any VST2 or VST3 compatible host application (DAW)


Version 1.1.3 is released, click the 'Paypal Checkout' button above to buy it. If you've already bought this product you can download it again through the download link in your email.

- Completely rewritten the stereo chorus to make it sound much, much better. It now adds that classic vibe to your sounds.
- Waveforms have been revamped, making them less abrasive as some had too much high frequency content.
- Filter has been rewritten as well, now being more true to the hardware version.

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