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VCV Rack Pack

Pack of VCV Rack modules.
More modules will be added over time, keep an eye on my Facebook page and the News section.


My price: Euros. Click the Paypal button to proceed to your download.

Available plugin formats:
Windows and Linux. MacOS is coming soon!

This first pack features ports of: RezzoEQ and Trem-O-Death.

RezzoEQ has two what we call "Spring Resonance Filters", which give an unique sound and which can deliver a lot of resonance. This system uses a very fast spring resonance algorithm that is controlled by the input audio signal and frequencies, that acts as either a low pass or an high pass filter. Various CV inputs have been added to this version for even more filter insanity.

Trem-O-Death is a custom tremolo effect made for the band Prickrott.
The 'Life' knob sets how long the volume is at 100%. Or: how long the signal is alive.
The 'Death' knob sets how long the volume is at 0%. Or: how long the signal is dead.
The 'Depth' knob sets how much the input signal is affected. All these can be modulated with CV.

- Unique "Spring Resonance" resonant filters which give a new flavour to your sounds,
- Tremolo/gate with separate open and close times. Times can be adjusted from ~20 milliseconds to ~2 seconds and CV controlled.


Nothing here yet, but demonstration and instructional videos will be here soon.


Nothing here yet, but audio examples will be here soon.

System Requirements:
- VCV Rack version 6.0 and higher.


Version 0.6 (for VCV Rack 0.6.x) is released, click the 'Paypal Checkout' button above to buy it.

OldComms is currently still being ported and will be added as soon as ready.

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