Welcome to the website of Evil Turtle Productions.

This is the place you can find my personal projects, some of which I do together with my girlfriend. I currently do this for fun, so everything is pay-what-you-want. I'm still setting up a PayPal donation button but if you want to donate right now, just ask!

You can buy/download everything in the store.

I hope these programs and plugins will fuel your creativity and projects,

Greetings from Jeroen.


Dradique version 2.0, a Casio CZ inspired synth, is now added to the Electronics Projects section. Check it out :)

SQK-1 has been patched to version 1.1.3, with a rewritten chorus and filter. The waveforms have been polished as well, making them much less abrasive, it's all sounding much better now.
Still working on CrazyRhythm v2.0 too :)

Current projects:

Steam Factory Splash Hazard Hatchling Engine VST Plugins Electronics Projects

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