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Drum computer with unique features such as tempo ratios.


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Available plugin formats:
Windows: VST2 32-bit/64-bit, VST3 32-bit/64-bit, Application 32-bit/64-bit.
MacOS 10.8 and higher: AU 32-bit/64-bit, VST2 32-bit/64-bit, Application 32-bit/64-bit.

CrazyRhythm is a MIDI controller designed to create complex rhythms and the second plugin of the 'Crazy' series.
It allows you to create custom rhythms using note lengths, ratios, time signatures, a programmable rhythm and measures section. It also has MIDI output for all 5 channels so another VST plugin, such as a drum synth, can be controlled with it.

The concept: a different approach.
The plugins of the 'Crazy' series are based on a different approach to measures and rhythms, particulary polyrhythms. Instead of using pre-defined note lengths to create a time signature the plugins use tempo ratios between the different notes. The base tempo used is your DAW project tempo.

A ratio of 1 against 2 at 120BPM would make a time signature of 120BPM against 240BPM, in other words: the notes that have a ratio of 2 are played twice as fast as the notes that have a ratio of 1.
In the "old way" this would be a time signature of 1/2 or 2/4, etc.

Okay, but what is the difference?
By using tempo ratios instead of note lengths you can essentially set the note lenghts to anything. What about a ratio of PI against the square-root of 2? Or any other decimal number? By using ratios we can create time signatures and polyrhythms that would otherwise be very hard to create through conventional means.
- Unique tool for making rhythms,
- Measures can be set for each channel, allowing for fills and variations,
- MIDI output so the plugin can control other plugins.
- Saving and loading of rhythms.


System Requirements:
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
- MacOS 10.8 or higher
- Pentium III 800MHz or better
- 256MB RAM or more
- Any VST2, VST3 or AU compatible host application (DAW)


Version 1.2.2 is released, click the 'Paypal Checkout' button above to buy it. If you've already bought this product you have gotten a mail with the new download.

- CrazyRhythm has been patched to version 1.2.2, fixing several timing issues and glitches in various DAW's.
- A MacOS version is now available with the download.
- AU (Audio Units) version is now available with the download. Please note that there may be issues with MIDI output in Logic.

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